Offer Flexible Payment Installment Plans in WordPress

Use Payment Installment plans to make large purchases more accessible by splitting up payments into multiple installments.

No-fee Stripe Payment Installment Plans

Increase Conversions with Installment Plans

Choose Any Number of Installments

Break payments into any number of installments. For example, collect $250.00 every month for 6 months, for 6 total payments.

Divide Payments With No Additional Fees

Automatically divide payments without increasing or additional processing fees often associated with breaking up payments.

Direct Debit Bill Installment Payments

Users can securely link their US bank account to automatically transfer installment payments from their bank account.

Simplify Collecting Installment Payments

Flexible Billing Schedules

Sign up customers for automatically billed installment payments daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.

Automatically Collect Installments

Remove the need to manually collect installment payments. Installment plans automatically bill until the number of installments has been reached.

Automatically End Installment Collection

Avoid unnecessary refunds by creating subscriptions that bill for a set number of billing cycles before automatically being canceled.

Collect Installment Stripe Payments WordPress Plugin

Start Accepting Payments Today

Start accepting one-time and recurring payments or donations on your WordPress website.

Our form templates let you create any kind of Stripe payment form form in just a few clicks.

You can select any template to view the demo and try it out. If it works for you, you can import it and publish it in minutes. Each WP Simple Pay template is fully customizable too!

Top 5 Reasons People Love WP Simple Pay

WP Simple Pay is the perfect Stripe payments solution for YOU. Here’s why over 14,000+ websites trust WP Simple Pay to collect millions of dollars every month.

Standalone Stripe Payments WordPress Plugin

Simple Setup

Skip the Hassle Of Complex Shopping Carts and Start Collecting in Minutes

Accepting payments in WordPress can be hard with complicated commerce solutions. WP Simple Pay makes it easy.

Create or link your Stripe account quickly and securely with Stripe Connect then choose from a pre-made payment form template to start accepting payments. No code required.

Recurring Payments

Instantly Increase Payments Collected With Automatically Billed Subscriptions

Remove the need to manually collect payments every billing cycle. Subscriptions automatically bill and can run indefinitely, creating passive payment collection.

Additionally, you can offer your visitors the option to select recurring payments when submitting a payment. Opting in to repeat payments is great for non-profit organizations accepting donations.

Stripe Recurring Payments WordPress Plugin
Drag and Drop Stripe Payments WordPress Plugin

Form Builder

Drag & Drop Custom Fields to Collect Additional Data With On-Site Payments

Boost payment conversions by collecting payments on your site without having to redirect your customers to Stripe’s site.

Use the advanced drag and drop form builder to add custom fields like dropdowns, checkboxes, and more to collect additional data during payment.

Keep Payment Information Safe With Stripe’s Secure Payment Processing

We use Stripe’s PCI-compliant servers to securely store and process payments. No credit card or payment information ever touches your server.

WP Simple Pay supports Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) and Stripe’s advanced fraud protection that blocks fraud while allowing legitimate customers to checkout.

Secure Stripe Payments WordPress Plugin
Best Support Stripe Payments WordPress Plugin

Always Excellent, Always Reliable Customer Support

We understand that part of what you’re investing in when you buy our products is the service behind them.

This is why we put our customers first in everything we do.

We’re known for our world-class support, and we’re here to answer any questions you might have.

Start Accepting Payments Today

Start accepting one-time and recurring payments or donations on your WordPress website.